SciGRID_gas - Workshop-Presentation

Mi 05 Juni 2019 | -- (permalink)

As part of the annual meeting of the „Forschungsnetzwerk Energiesystemanalyse“
from the 23-24. Mai 2019 in Aachen (Germany) a first open workshop was given on the
SciGRID_gas project. The workshop took about 2 hours and roughly a dozen people from
the German research community were present.

The following topics of SciGRID_gas project the were discussed:

• aims
• timeline
• OSM data
• Non-OSM data sources

The presentation (german) from the workshop can be found here:

In addition notes were also taken during the workshop and can be found here:

One of the first goals for the SciGRID_gas team to achieve will be a test network, and
should be available through this portal here till XMess. We are also very pleased, that
we were able to make some very useful connections with people in the science world,
which will further enhance our project. However any further comment from your side is
more than welcome.

Kind regards,

Your SciGRID_gas team