SciGRID_gas - MiniWorkshop (1 April 2021, online)

Fr 12 März 2021 | -- (permalink)

Our SciGRID_gas project ( is coming to an end on the 31st of July 2021

We are happy to announce an informal mini-workshop on April 1st, 2021, from 9:00 to 13:00. where last user requests could be incorporated into the project.

The goal of the mini-workshop is to gather user’s feedback from you on what we should fix, incorporate, and change.
We have put a lot of effort into creating the gas network data set and hope that it will be used by others. If there are issues which make using the data set difficult or not useful, we need to know, so that we can attempt to fix some of those issues.
Gathering feedback after you have used our data would be a great start, the experiences you have gained in using it, which components, which country data set, which attributes you have used, etc.
Also knowing in which cases, you have not used our data and why would be a very important feedback for us. For sure, to make this a worthwhile event, we will inform you about the status of the project, so that we are all on the same page. There will also be new features, that we have not released yet. To accommodate all this, we are proposing the following structure of the mini-workshop (but we are open to any additional suggestions):

From us to you:
    * Telling you about the current status of the project
    * Presenting the data sets we have (size, content, depth)
    * Presenting the code we created to generate the data (e.g. heuristics for determining missing values and joining networks).
From you to us:
    * Telling us, which data sets you have used so far?
    * Telling us, how you have used the data?
    * Telling us, what is missing/incorrect in the data?
    * Telling us, how we can improve on the last final meters of the project?

We have anticipated 3-4 hours (with two breaks)

First Part:
We will be using power-point presentations

Second Part:
Feedback talk and discussion

We do NOT expect that you give presentations (but if you can’t help it, then that would be nice as well).
We want this to be an open, honest, informative, and also problem solving/solutions-based conversation.

How to register:

Just send an email to with the subject: Miniworkshop

You will receive an email with all necessary information prior to the workshop.

We also want to ask you to participate in our survey:

For each of the downloaded data sets:

    * What is the name of the data set?
    * Which part of the dataset did you use?
    * What do you think is missing in the datasets?
    * What is wrong in the datasets?
    * Could the data sets be different (larger/fine)?
    * Is there too much information?
    * To what extent (for what) did you use the dataset?
    * Why did you not use the dataset?
    * What would be your suggestion to change the dataset?
    * Improve ranking of attributes.

You can send us you answers to same email address in advance if you like to.

Lastly, we want to mention, that we will carry out a final workshop on the 25th May 2021 at 09:30-11:00 at the “Netzwerktreffen Energiesystemanalyse”, so make sure to register for the workshop.